Attendance Policy

If you’re interested in learning more, you may read the following detailed information.


It is the parent’s responsibility to report each and every absence. Please contact your student’s teacher via KIDSNOTE. In order to obtain the best possible education, it is important that students attend class on a daily basis and arrive on time.

Regular classroom participation is necessary to achieve the best possible learning situation for every student. This policy statement has been developed to encourage good attendance and to discourage tardiness. Our goal is to maximize every student’s opportunity to learn. Attendance is the responsibility of parents and students.

A student must attend class regularly to receive a passing grade. A student who is absent from school more than 4.5 days per quarter and whose absence has materially affected academic progress, may receive a lower grade or be retained at the discretion of the school administration.

학생이 결석하는 경우, 키즈노트 어플리케이션을 통해서 선생님에게 알려주세요. 좋은 교육을 위해서는 가급적 결석하지 않고, 지각하지 않는 것이 중요합니다.

지속적이고 끊김없는 수업 진행이 좋은 교육의 시작점입니다. 교육의 효과를 최대화하기 위해서, 학생들이 지각하지 않고, 결석하지 않도록 지도해주세요.

좋은 교육 뿐만 아니라, 좋은 성적을 위해서도 결석하지 않는 것이 중요합니다. 한 분기에 4.5일 이상 빠지게 되면, 학습 진도에 차질이 생길 수 있습니다. 가정에서도 빠지지 않도록 잘 지도해주세요.

Excused Absences (출석이 인정되는 결석)

  • Illness: A doctor’s/parent note of reason for absence is required for your student’s attendance file. (질병 : 의사 소견서를 제출해주세요.)

  • Medical appointments or treatments: Will require a doctor’s note for the student’s attendance file. (병원 진료 혹은 치료 : 병원의 진료 확인서를 제출해주세요.)

  • Personal or family emergency: A parent note is required for the student’s attendance file. (개인적인 혹은 가족 긴급상황 : 부모님의 의견서가 필요합니다.)

  • Religious holidays: A parent note is required for the student’s attendance file (종교적 휴일 : 부모님의 의견서가 필요합니다.)

Unexcused Absences (출석이 인정되지 않는 결석)

  • Family vacations. (가족 휴가)

  • Non-Medical appointments. (병원  약속)

  • A student who is absent from school without notice. (미리 통보되지 않은 결석)

  • Babysitting. (아이돌보미)

  • Absence for any other reason that does not meet the criteria of an excused absence. (출석이 인정되는 결석 기준에 부합하지 않는 다른 이유)

Early Release (조퇴)

If it becomes necessary for the student to be released from school for a doctor/dental appointment or other unavoidable emergencies, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Parent/Guardian will need to send a note to school via KIDSNOTE (or call the school) that states the student’s first and last name, date and time of release, and the reason for the early dismissal. (부모님 혹은 보호자는 키즈노트(혹은 전화)를 통해서 선생님에게 조퇴 의사를 알려야 합니다.)

  • All students must be signed out by a parent/guardian (or someone designated by the parent/guardian on the emergency card) in the office before leaving the building. (모든 학생은 학부모 혹은 보호자로부터 받은 메시지를 조퇴 전에 제출해야 합니다.)

  • The written note will be kept in the students attendance file. (제출된 노트는 학생 출석부에 보관합니다.)

Tardiness (지각)

Being on time is a life skill important to each student’s future, and schools share the responsibility to teach the importance of this skill. Tardiness of individual students interrupts instructional time for all students. Promptness to class allows the teachers to begin the instruction on time for everyone. Tardiness to class for preschool & kindergarten is defined as not being physically in the room at 9:40 am.

시간을 지키는 것은 학생의 미래를 위해서도 중요한  생활 기술입니다. 시간을 잘 지키는 것의 중요성을 가정에서도 지도해주세요.

지각은 다른 학생들의 교육 시간에 차질을 줄 수 있으니, 가급적 늦지 않도록 지도해주세요. 유치부의 경우, 9시 40분 전까지 등원할 수 있도록 해주세요.

  • Three tardies is equal to 1 unexcused absence (3번의 지각은 번의 결석으로 간주합니다.)

Student’s Responsibilities (학생의 의무)

To attend school daily, on time and participate fully. The student who has been absent has the responsibility for securing and completing make-up assignments.

지각하지 않고, 제 시간에 모든 수업에 참석하도록 합니다. 결석한 경우에는, 보강할 수 있도록 원에서 제공하는 숙제를 해오도록 합니다.

Administrator’s Responsibilities (교직원의 의무)

  • To review the attendance of students and to contact parent/guardian when a student has excessive absences. (학생의 출석과 검토하고, 과도한 결석의 경우, 학부모 혹은 보호자와 연락을 취하도록 합니다.)

  • To take appropriate steps, to insure that students attend school in a timely manner on a regular basis. (매일매일 시간에 원에 도착할  있도록 적절한 스텝을 밟도록 합니다.)

  • 5 (five) absences: Parents will be notified of days absent and reminded of the need for regular attendance by letter or telephone. (5 결석 : 부모님에게 결석일을 통보하고전화 혹은 메시지로 출석을 유도할  있도록 합니다.)

  • 10 (ten) absences: A mandatory meeting with parents and principals will be held to develop an intervention plan regarding attendance. The intervention plan will be pro-active and problem solving in nature. (10 결석 : 학부모님과 미팅을 가지고출석에 대해서 중재하도록 합니다미팅은 결석에 대한 예방 차원으로 진행합니다.)